Mission & Functions


To meet the requirement of the Armed Forces through a prudent combination of procurement (local and import) and indigenous production with a continued effort to enhance the component of indigenous production and in the process export surplus capacity of our defence products to regional and friendly countries.


The functions of the MoDP under Rules of Business 1973 have been reviewed and revised in the light of its expanded activities in 2003 and are shown below:

- Laying down policies or guidelines on all matters relating to defence production.

- Procurement of firearms, weapons, ammunition, equipment, stores and explosives for the defence    


- Declaration of industries necessary for the purpose of defence or for the prosecution of war.

- Research and development of defence equipment and stores.

- Co-ordination of defence science research with civil scientific research organizations.

- Indigenous production and manufacture of defence equipment and stores.

- Negotiations of agreements or MOUs for foreign assistance or collaboration and loans for purchase of    

  military stores and technical know-how or transfer of technology.

- Export of defence products.

- Marketing and promotion of activities relating to export of defence products.

- Coordinate production activities of all defence production organizations or establishments.